Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor: Top 3 Uncertain Futures For The Footballer



Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor is the emblematic captain of the Sparrowhawks and won the African Golden Ball in 2008. The Togolese international has shone with a thousand lights on the international scene. It is a certainty even if for some, he still had more potential to show. Having reached the pinnacle of his profession, one question stands out for the 37-year-old. What does the future hold for the most media-savvy Togolese player?

A future in coaching?

All observers of the sports world think so. Sheyi’s glory days as a football player are behind him. For some others, it is now time to pass on the baton. It is not at all unusual for a football player at the end of his career to decide to become a coach. It is even natural. The latest popular example is Zinedine Zidane. After his successful career, the former French player trained as a coach. Zizou took Real Madrid to the top. The result: 11 titles won at the helm of Real Madrid despite the mixed record.

Does Emmanuel Adebayor have a future as a coach? The coach of the Sparrowhawks for example? It is uncertain. The future is uncertain by definition in all ways. But here, there are elements that do not encourage in this direction. In a recent interview on Taxi FM, the former captain of the Sparrowhawks said he was turned away when he wanted to talk to the Togo national team: “firm instructions” not to approach the players. Emmanuel, who is obviously trying to impose himself as a resource person, is obviously not unanimous. The national Sheyi may have a future in the leadership of Togolese football, but it will not be soon.Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor

The cinema

A conversion from sport to showbiz? It was not expected, but the former No. 4 of the hawks may well embrace the world of cinema.

It is true that we have become accustomed to his outbursts on social networks for various topics and “clashes”. We remember, for example, his disagreements with the former comedian Gogoligo. Even more recently, a story with the “influencer” Hley whom he allegedly bewitched (he did not react).

So it had become commonplace for the football star to expose himself on social media. But, until recently, not in a scripted scene. On 26 September 2021, the star became an actor in a video by web-humorist Axel Meryl. The video, entitled “The Boss”, quickly garnered hundreds of thousands of views. Internet users loved it. One comment, similar to hundreds of others, said: “Adebayor played the role well! Well done SEA”. Will Adebayor do it again? The future will tell.

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