Compensation For Ingrid Betancourt’s son



She whose fight against corruption has always been a duty has made her comeback on the political scene as a candidate for the Colombian presidential elections of 2022. We give you a quick update on her return to the forefront and a brief recap on the factors that led her to decide to do so. La sobreviviente who had been kidnapped 20 years ago by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) while she was campaigning for the presidency announced this January 19th her intention to be a candidate to the Colombian presidential elections planned in spring. She is the head of an ecological party and will participate in the primaries in March to determine the candidates of a centrist coalition, “Coalition of Hope”. 

“For decades, we’ve had only bad alternatives : far right, far left. The time has come to have a center option,” she said.

This center wants to be an alternative to the traditional right-left face-off represented by the current President Ivan Duqué and by the former mayor of Bogota, former guerrilla Gustavo Petro.

With the colors of the small ecologist party “verde oxigeno” in English “oxygen green”, the French-Colombian affirms that she will ask for compensation, indemnity and restoration for each Colombian family affected by a system that she affirms corrupted. “The system of corruption that reigns in our country only recognizes the rights of the bandits. Only they can claim, and only they can be protected,” she said. The vote will be held on June 19th to elect Ivan Duque’s successor.


A federal court in Pennsylvania decided on 4 January that the son of the former hostage “is entitled to compensation of 12 million dollars (10.6 million euros).  Lawrence Betancourt, also known as Lorenzo, who holds U.S. citizenship, had filed a civil suit in the United States in June 2018 against fourteen former Farc officials, most of whom are presumed dead today or still in arms in the jungle.


The FARC guerrilla movement was founded in 1964 with the aim of overthrowing the government and taking power on behalf of the working class. After decades of conflicts accompanied by failed truce attempts. In 2002, the authorities accused the guerrillas of taking advantage of the demilitarized zone to strengthen themselves and launch attacks on neighboring municipalities, as well as to increase cocaine production and trafficking.It was at this time that Senator Betancourt was kidnapped after the failure of yet another negotiation with the FARC.  It was held captive for a period of 6 years. And it was not until June 23, 2013 that the end of the war was declared.

His commitment, announced on Tuesday during the announcement of his candidacy: “We are going to break these chains, we are going to unite and we are going to transform Colombia from the inside, from our guts, with our faith in God” is for some Colombians the salvific answer against the corruption that gangrene the country.

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