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Eric Zemmour

After several weeks of suspense, Eric Zemmour has decided to run for the presidential election of 2022. He announced it by posting a video on social networks on November 30, 2021. An unusual candidacy for the far right of the political spectrum. But who is Eric Zemmour, this atypical man whose candidacy is causing a stir in France and even beyond the borders? Answers in this article.

1-Eric Zemmour, who is he in reality?

Éric Zemmour was born on August 31, 1958 in Montreuil in Seine-Saint-Denis. The son of Jewish traders from Algeria, he began his career with the Quotidien de Paris in 1986. In 1996, he joined the editorial staff of Le Figaro, where he became a senior reporter in the political service until 2009. He is also a columnist and polemicist in the television programs ‘We are not lying’, on France 2.

2-Her youth

Éric Justin Léon Zemmour, whose real name is, comes from a French Jewish family in Algeria. His parents, Lucette Lévy, housewife and Roger Zemmour, pharmacy assistant and manager of a medical transport company, arrived in France in 1952. He has one brother, Jean-Luc, born in 1961.

Éric Zemmour spent a large part of his youth in Drancy in Seine-Saint-Denis. He was educated at the Jewish school Lucien de Hirsh in Paris, in a single-sex class. He continued his teaching at the Yabné school group (Paris), in college and high school. During his adolescence, he lived in the 18th arrondissement of the capital.

After high school, Eric Zemmour studied at Sciences Po Paris specializing in public service. He graduated in 1979 but failed to enter the ENA (National School of Administration).

3-He was once assaulted

The facts took place in the course of the afternoon, Thursday April 30, 2021, a few hours before the course of the program “Face à l’info”, where the editorialist of Le Figaro goes every evening. According to Le Figaro, the weather conditions in which the attack took place confirm it: heavy rains were announced for Paris that afternoon, hence the soaked roadway on which Eric Zemmour is walking.

The details of the decor filmed by the attacker also reveal that the scene took place in the 9th arrondissement, and more precisely in front of the Monoprix on rue Caumartin, then rue de Provence, where the Printemps Haussmann store is located. According to the information, Eric Zemmour was slightly injured in the wrists.

No information was given as to the reasons which led the attacker to commit such an act. Some people think that Eric doesn’t like his head or his politics. However, the attacker apologized afterwards, in a video that was widely shared on social media.

4-‘The French Spokesperson’

Since the start of his campaign, Éric Zemmour despite everything, still has a good majority of French people who support his program and who are ready to follow him. As one writer said, “Éric Zemmour represents the French who do not have the strength to speak openly”. We can even see blacks and even some Arabs supporting his program.

5-His family

Eric Zemmour is married to a lawyer and father. A lawyer by profession, his wife has always refused to expose herself to the media. The desire, no doubt, not to mix everything up. Born in 1959 in Montreuil, into a family of Tunisian Jewish origins, Mylène Chichportich specializes in commercial law, corporate law, banking and stock market law, contract law and civil law. It was on September 18, 2013 at the Paris bar that she was sworn in before founding five years later, with four partners, the firm Marigny (near the Élysée), where she specialized in bankruptcy law.

The children of the presidential candidate, born of his union with Mylène Chichportich, are as discreet as their mother. Hugo, born in 1997, studied Law and History at the University Panthéon-Assas in Paris. Thibault, who was born in 1998, is a business school student. As for the youngest, Clarisse, she was born in 2004. Neither of them has ever spoken in public to comment on the positions taken by their controversial father…

6-His fortune

Éric Zemmour is officially a candidate for the Élysée. With the approach of the presidential election of 2022, the former sniper of ‘We are not lying’ will have, like his opponents, to comply with the obligation to declare interests and assets. These declarations will be revealed in broad daylight by the High Authority for the transparency of public life, before the first round. The dates of the ballot being scheduled for April 10 and 24, 2022, if the sanitary conditions linked to Covid-19 allow it, we will have to wait a little longer before discovering the personal fortune of Éric Zemmour.

However, some information regarding his various incomes has already been revealed in the past. Thanks to the sales of his book ‘La France n’a pas dire son mot’, published in September 2021, the writer would have received 1.5 million euros in one month, according to information from ‘Parisien’ published on 15 October. In addition, “his different salaries could offer him an income of almost 50,000 euros per month”, reported La Dépêche du Midi on October 13, 2021, relying on several sources.

Eric Zemmour’s income has, however, declined in recent months. By embarking on the presidential campaign of 2022, the ex-journalist had to give up on some of his collaborations: from ‘CNews’ to ‘Paris Première’ via ‘Le Figaro’.

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