Health Tips: How to Lighten Your Underarms In 6 Days?

David Kipre


We have all noticed after shaving that our underarms do not match our skin tone. This situation, which sometimes causes a lot of complexes in women, is the result of certain external factors, such as: heat, poor ventilation, the use of cosmetic products that accelerate the hyperpigmentation of this area, the accumulation of dead skin, and sometimes, the shaving itself, which is done frequently.

 So how to lighten your armpits in 6 days, is the tip or rather the tips that we give you in this health article for you ladies.

1- What you should not do

Note that this is a personal experience and depending on the type of skin you have, it could take longer or shorter than 6 days to see results. However, the estimated average time for this perfect recipe to take effect is 6 days. The goal is also to do this without spending too much on cosmetics and taking care of the skin without altering it.

So, before we get into the different ingredients of the recipe, it is necessary to scrub the underarms. We all know that this area is often hidden by the clothes we wear and that this prevents the airing of this area; most of the girls use a razor very often to remove the hair from under their armpits. Bad news, girls: you’ll have to banish this from your skincare routine if you want your underarms to regain their original glow. And why? Because shaving your armpits with an electric razor or not will irritate the skin of your armpit which, as we all know, is very fragile. This will create micro-lesions (small wounds) that your body will want to heal by producing secretions. Except that you have dead skin in this area and that the passage of the razor will cause some of this dead skin to slip into your micro-lesions, which will create an allergic reaction, a production of more secretions, which in the end will give a result far from what you expected.

2-What is the trick?

Then your scrub will serve as a base before applying the miracle recipe, and for that, you will need:

-1 small bowl in which you will put the products

– brown sugar (whose grains are much thicker, which will make your scrub more effective)


Put 2 tablespoons of brown sugar in the bowl and add a quantity of honey to make a paste. Apply the paste under your armpits, rubbing as if you were scrubbing a sheet of paper to remove dead skin.

Then, in another bowl, you will add 2 spoons of baking soda powder, then the juice of half a lemon, in order to obtain a thick mixture that you will apply under your armpit, for at least 20 minutes before the shower so that it can take effect. Then rinse, before or during your shower

Apply this recipe for a minimum of 2 weeks, or until desired results are achieved.

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