Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia

David Kipre


The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia is a guerrilla group involved in the continuing Colombian conflict starting in 1964. They are known to employ a variety of military tactics[14] in addition to more unconventional methods, including terrorism. The FARC–EP was formed during the Cold War period as a Marxist–Leninist peasant force promoting a political line of agrarianism and anti-imperialism.

The operations of the FARC–EP were funded by kidnap and ransom, illegal mining, extortion and taxation of various forms of economic activity, and the production and distribution of illegal drugs. The United Nations has estimated that 12% of all civilian deaths in the Colombian conflict were caused by FARC and National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrillas, with 80% caused by right-wing paramilitaries, and the remaining 8% caused by Colombian security forces.

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