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David Kipre



They are 75,000 internally displaced people, and 11,000 refugees in Uganda who have been forced to flee since the start of hostilities in November 2021. Heavy fighting broke out again on Sunday June 12 between the Congolese army and the M23, the rebellion predominantly Tutsi defeated in 2013 by Kinshasa. The clashes took place near the town of Bunagana, a former stronghold of the rebels of the March 23 Movement”  taken over by the Congolese army in 2013. In a press release, the latter accused the terrorists of the M23 supported by the artillery and soldiers of the Rwandan army for attacking his positions. Kigali, for its part, denies any support for the rebel movement. And affirms that this is an “  intra-Congolese conflict“. The M23 is the source of great tension between the two countries.

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