French-Speaking Society of Tropical Medicine And International Health

David Kipre


Diseases absent from the countries of the North, diseases of the poorest, diseases too long forgotten yet affecting more than a billion people and not attracting the attention of the rest of humanity: these are the neglected tropical diseases. 

Should we say diseases of neglected populations? Should we say diseases of poverty? They affect the “voiceless”, children, women who live in unhealthy environments, away from economic and social progress, far from health structures and therapeutic opportunities. In 2005, the concept of neglected tropical disease was created to bring these sufferings out of oblivion and inattention.

 The fight against these diseases is a major concern for the Francophone Society of Tropical Medicine and International Health. Initially made up of 18 diseases present in 149 countries, the list of neglected tropical diseases (NTD, Neglected Tropical Diseases) was validated by resolution WHA 66.10 of the World Health Assembly, then supplemented by resolution 69.21 adding mycetoma. In 2017 the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group for NTDs proposed the addition of other conditions: chromoblastomycosis and other deep mycoses, poisoning by snakebites, scabies and other ectoparasites.

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