Top 5 Countries With The Largest Gold Reserves



How much gold reserve is there in the world? We don’t know. Yes, we know, it’s a bit disappointing. Unfortunately, we don’t have this information. The 80% of all gold reserves in the world are not listed. Of the one-fifth of the volume that is in the World Gold Council’s inventory, only what is declared by the Central Banks is taken into account. Nevertheless, here is a ranking of the countries with the largest gold reserves in the world with numbers to back it up.

1-The United States

The United States remains at the top of this ranking. The figures of the World Gold Council of dated May 19, 2016 confirm this primacy. This, by a considerable margin.  For the Trading economics website, in December 2021, the country would have 8133 tons of gold in its reserves.


The United States is directly followed by Germany. Let’s recall the margin.  Germany’s gold reserves are not even half of that of the United States. And we are only talking about official figures. 3359 tons is the amount of gold that Germany has in its possession.


Italy comes in third place. It has in its treasures, 2452 tons of gold. This quantity, which remains astronomical, puts Italy in the top 3.


Italy is closely followed by France. With a few tons less, France is the fourth country with the largest amount of gold in its reserves. Remember that in 2004, former President Nicolas Sarkozy, then Minister of Economy, decided with the governor of the Bank of France to sell a little less than 700 tons of the 3000T of France’s reserves.


Russia is at the end of the top 5 countries with the largest gold reserves on the planet. Officially. Russia has a reserve of 2299 Tons. Notice that after these countries comes China, Switzerland, Japan, India or the Netherlands.

They have between 1948 (for China) and 612 (for the Netherlands) tons in gold reserves. In 1992, Switzerland joined the IMF. It was forced to abandon the gold cover of the Swiss franc. Until September 2007, the SNB sold 1560 tons of gold. For the authorities, gold was no longer necessary as a monetary reserve.

6-Gold as a safe haven?

Despite all the changes in economies and perceptions, gold remains, even today, an important and credible value. The value of gold, unlike other assets, tends to increase during times of crisis. However, for individuals, it is important to know the rules before investing in this value.  The absence of official quotation, the actors of a market sometimes informal…

During these periods when crises seem to be on the horizon, gold remains more than ever a value to consider. And this is not likely to change soon.

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