The 7 Top Profitable Business Sectors in Africa🤠



Africa is a continent full of wealth and opportunities. However, the majority of Africans still live in poverty. The world is moving at the speed of light but Africa is unfortunately still lagging behind in terms of business, technology and profitable activities. There are still thousands of opportunities to be seized in the majority of the countries of the African continent, whether on the net or in real life.

In the year 2000, less than five million Africans had access to the Internet. Today, that number has increased about 50-fold and is still growing rapidly. Among the largest users of the Internet are NIGERIA, EGYPT, South Africa. 

Internet and It Opportunity
Internet and It Opportunity


Let’s face it, for some or most African countries, they are still at the stage of advertising by radio or posters.

Some companies are investing heavily in making TV commercials. According to the 2013 IAB (Internet Advertising Revenue) report, internet advertising is rapidly approaching television advertising to become the preferred advertising channel.  Online advertising offers entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to work with local businesses to promote and increase sales of products and services on the web. With a little imagination you will be able to set up a company that can manage the advertising accounts of hundreds of other businesses. For the few who have decided to start this business, we can mention: Go Africa Online, Blue LION DIGIRTAL etc… The market is therefore there and it is huge


It may seem trivial but a lot of businesses are without a website. In today’s world, if you have a business that doesn’t have a website, it usually doesn’t exist.

Start-ups, small businesses and large corporations now see it as logical to invest in a website that properly reflects their image. There are countless benefits that an online presence offers. You need a strategy and approach that sets you apart. Offer a concrete proposal for structuring thesite to increase business sales by demonstrating how a solid, functional website converts online visitors into new customers.

There is a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs who have the skills and talent to bring more individuals and businesses online. According to experts in the field of website creation, the best for people living in Africa would be to: Compare the websites of Western businesses in your chosen niche (e.g., local tourist travel, manufacturing, small business), and then compare them to the sites and position of businesses in your chosen market in Africa. Discover the differences and gaps and use this understanding to come up with “smart website strategies” for your potential clients.


The computer field remains one of the most popular in Africa. Those who have the vision to position themselves early will surely not regret it. Thousands of businesses across Africa are in desperate need of tools to help them run their businesses effectively, efficiently and profitably. In all sectors – agriculture, tourism, retail, health, etc. – entrepreneurs and business people are willing to pay a reasonable price for a solution that makes business management a breeze.

Did you know that most businesses in Africa are denied financing because they don’t have reliable financial records? That’s where you can come in!

The concept is simple, yet so powerful: create software that African businesses can use to improve their efficiency and manage daily business tasks such as human resources, accounting, order processing, customer service, operations management, financial reporting, etc. The best thing to do would be to talk to small business owners to find out how they manage their business.

An excellent source of information is bank loan officers and investors who turn down deals because of poor management. Find out why, and then you can determine what the best options are.


Clash of clan, World of tanks and World of warcraft are just three of the games that make up the multi-billion dollar online gaming industry. It is indeed a huge industry by any standard. Africa is a large and largely untapped market for the lucrative online gaming sector.

The continenthas a young population and the rollout of ultra-broadband internet services via smartphones andtablets has made online gaming very accessible. Other interesting trends that point to a bright future for online gaming in Africa include the rapid expansion of technological innovation on the continent and increased investment in the sector, both locally and internationally.

5. The entertainment business

We are in the age of entertainment. We live in a society of shows.  Today, this is obvious to all. In Africa, the entertainment sector is still a field under construction. Read here, the fields in which you can establish yourself to be part of this industry.

6. The African film and music industry is waiting for you!

south african wooden sculpture the film director left side t20 R6m8Gv
South African Wooden Sculpture – The Film Director, Left Side

The film and music industry is growing in Africa. Pure energy, creativity and talent. For example, Nollywood, the Nigerian part of the film world in Africa was worth more than 800 million dollars a few years ago. There are also Nigerian films on sites like Netflix. And the growth continues. Other African countries are not left out either. Ghana, South Africa and the southern African countries are also making headway.

Take part of this still recent growth. According to the BBC, producing a film in Africa costs on average between $25,000 and $70,000. The average production time is also shorter on average. Sources indicate that sales of 20,000 units are recorded for average films. The figure would be multiplied by at least 10 for successful movies.

The opportunity lies with production companies, choreographers, costume designers… This shows a wide range of business to invest in. Building a popular film or music distribution platform could benefit you. For production, consider countries like the Seychelles, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya.

7. Building cinemas in Africa

Movie theaters are slowly returning to the continent. But there are not enough of them. The need is felt by the African public, especially in large cities. Some Western entities are gradually taking over the market. But the field remains blank.

Let’s make this comparison. In the United States, there are at least 40,000 large movie theaters. Approximately 120 theaters for every million inhabitants. In India this number goes down to 20.000 and in China to 13.000. Imagine what this number is in Africa. Less than 1000! Yes, there are less than 1000. For the whole of Africa.

To create a movie theater according to the standards will cost you enough money. However, if you find the right market and do the plan right, you will be able to raise that money from financial institutions. Also consider niches such as family rooms, open-air cinema and many others. Think about it, you can also sell your own popcorns.

8. This sport makes them happy, make money: Football

the keeper jump into the air to make a one handed save t20 EP4j1Q
The keeper jump into the air to make a one handed save

If there is one sport that is more popular than any other in Africa, it is soccer. You can watch a whole country calm down after the failure of the national team. The hatchets are buried for a moment in front of soccer. Africans are also great spectators of foreign leagues; from the Champions League to La Liga.

You can make money by investing in various aspects of this multi-faceted sport. You can produce and sell items related to the teams. Fans like to buy items and souvenirs related to the teams they support. You can also become a sports agent. Most of the soccer players in foreign teams have been found and promoted by this kind of people.

One of the most important areas of soccer is betting. Africans are great bettors. Even though the market is slowly taking over, there is still room and money to be made.

There is business and money to be made in Africa. Obviously, we have only touched on a few of them here. For example, we have not mentioned the tourism sector and many others.

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