Many people improperly spend what they earn all day long. In the end, they find themselves in a precarious position where they can’t react when there is an event of an emergency. Don’t worry. You are reading the right article. I will show you some known methods, the ones that allowed me to save $10,000 over a year. Read all the way to the end to make sure you keep every little dollar safe.

First, let’s define what an emergency fund is.

Still called safety savings, it’s a portion of our savings that is only used in an emergency. When we say emergency, we mean an absolute emergency such as an urgent operation or anything else you consider urgent.

It is a form of savings that differs from goal savings in its purpose. We’ll come back to this difference in future publications. Emergency funds are generally equivalent to 3 months’ salary. This is a good indicator that you are on the right track.

The means of acquiring an emergency fund are similar to those of traditional savings with a few special features. First, a savings strategy should be put in place. It consists of separating the security and goal savings accounts. This strategy is the basis for the success of your initiative. Then, you can start filling these accounts with the different techniques.

The one I suggest first is based on a proportionate distribution of your income.

The 50, 30, 20 percent method:

This is one of the most basic techniques. It consists in separating your income into three parts. The 50% corresponds to the essential needs. These are: rent, health expenses, electricity and water bills, food, school fees … The 30% corresponds to desires, pleasures, and distractions, everything that is entertainment. The 20% share is for savings. You can divide this last proportion as you see fit. Either in 5-15%, 10-10% or 15-5% for the savings of objectives and security. It is important to respect the distribution of these funds. It is advisable to separate your income according to these percentages as soon as you receive your paycheck.

Once you have allocated your salary, you must work on your expenses. A scrupulous organization must be devoted to expenses.


A large portion of our salary goes into expenses. But what kind of expenses? Take a notebook and write down all the expenses you have made in the month. This way you will see what you are doing with your money. Most of the things you buy are “liabilities.” A passive asset is one that does not earn you any money. On the contrary, “liabilities” create new expenses. Let’s take the example of a car that you have just bought. Its maintenance, fuel, visits to the mechanic are new expenses that you must face. Whether it’s beauty products, restaurants, subscriptions, etc., you need to cut back on these expenses. You need to cut back on these liabilities. You can use these savings to save money or buy “assets.” Assets are things that make you money. For example, real estate is an excellent asset. Real estate earns more than the money you paid for it. So, with assets, you can save more and earn more.

Usually, you save at the end of the month. But there is a way that allows you to do it at the beginning of the month when you are at your maximum.


Another safe way to save is the automatic transfer system. This is a savings method proposed by the American entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki in his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” It consists in setting up a percentage that will be automatically deducted from your salary to a savings account. This percentage is usually around 20%. Usually, we save what we have left after our expenses during the month. With this system, the savings are made as soon as you receive your paycheck.


Even if you don’t make a fortune from your work, saving can make you richer than others. Even though I was only making $1,600 a month, I managed to save $10,000 by the end of the year. Simply by putting these techniques into practice. With these different techniques, you will be able to put aside emergency funds. The secret to saving is to be disciplined. If you set a goal and you lack this quality, you will know all the means and techniques, you will miss the results.


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