Getting Rich Without School: 5 Factors To Consider



The business communities in Nigeria make this clear. American business leaders seem to confirm it. School is not a prerequisite for success. There are dropouts at the top of very large companies. However, there are thousands more below the poverty line. There are important factors that go into a successful life. Without a degree, there are some to consider in order to get a place under the sun.

1-It’s not really about degrees or education

Degrees are excellent social elevators. Even if it is less and less so, school still remains a means of improving living conditions. It conditions the short and medium term success of individuals on the job market. This market is in full mutation. Education provides the ability to re-learn and re-direct as needed. Moreover, education gives an advantage in what can be called the “marriage market”.

In South Korea, the famous and demanding university entrance exam involves great resources. Major companies and the stock exchange open an hour late to allow candidates to arrive at the exam sites on time. The reason is simple; this exam describes what the adult life of these students will be like. It defines it in terms of salary, social level or marriage. Similar facts can be found everywhere else in the world. So the studies are important. Having said that, let’s talk about the other side of the coin.

Let’s note this. We use the terms “education” and “schools” here. However, the most important thing is “education“, knowledge. This education has many faces and is obtained today in many ways. Moreover, the statistics on graduates below the poverty line (in Africa and the United States) show this. It is not only about diplomas.

2-It’s about continuous learning

Today, there are many ways to educate oneself without using conventional methods. Knowledge is in some ways “democratized“. Courses from world-class universities like Harvard are freely available on the Internet. So use these resources to train yourself.  

In professions related to application development, data or interfaces, the trend is towards self-training. There are schools and initiatives to learn to code for free. At the same time, there are other schools that allow you to study for free in advance:  

– Holberton School

– Microverse

– …

That is, you learn and you pay only when you find a job. The world today is full of opportunities to hone your skills.

3-Networking contributes to individual success

Networking is one of the benefits of schools. It is difficult to succeed without having a strong network around you. You need friends in the same field as you, mentors to coach you, etc.

One way to find or join these networks without the benefit of school is the internet. Austin Kleon shows this in his book “Show Your Work“. Publishing your work in any field will attract an audience to you and therefore people in the same field. Show yourself, your strengths and your vulnerability.

4-Embrace the promising fields

Success also depends on the industry you are in. Embrace areas that are promising for you. You have to note the “for you“. Enter a field that is profitable, but also related to your aspirations and abilities.

5-Work, perseverance, financial management

Take action. Take action without delay. The reality is that you don’t often need more information. What we often need is more action and work. If you persevere, you will eventually get there.

On your way to success, there are walls that only discipline can break down. Discipline yourself in everything, especially in managing your finances. It doesn’t matter how much you earn if you don’t know how to manage your money.

Wealth or success is not inherently tied to education. Nevertheless, it is almost always related to work and factors independent of each other.

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