Tagus Drone – Startup Of Future Drones Made In Cameroon



In Cameroon, a company specializes in the construction of drones. It is now admitted by a large number of specialists that the future of the world is conjugated to the African. TAGUS DRONE wants to make Cameroon and Africa take a notable technological step forward.

It was in 2017 that the prototype of the first model designed by the company was born; a solar drone with four engines. The device is capable of serving in border surveillance. Its design was with a view to fighting the Islamic sect Boko Haram.

In a video dated 2019 on the company’s YouTube channel, the project owner tells VOA(VOICE OF AMERICA): “I thought that if there was a device that could fly over the air, take images and send them in real time, this will allow our armies to better monitor the borders. That’s how I started working and doing research. I find that there are these devices that exist, they are the drones. I start to do research on them and I already manage to put together a prototype in 2017.” The young Borel Taguia Kana was at this moment at the end of his academic training in Renewable Energy Design.

Very quickly, Borel Taguia Kana will surround himself with young people, like him, full of talent and knowledge. The company Tagus Drone will be born in May 2019. Its ambition is to create several types of drones locally. From their premises in Yaoundé, the company is dedicated to taking aerial images in high definition, mapping, transporting equipment and various services related to renewable energy. They also operate in artificial intelligence.

Tagus Drone, now diversified, is open to many other services and assistance. Among these services, we have of course the Web development and other software designs related to facial recognition or anomaly recognition. Annually, according to a Telesud report available on the company’s channel, the company’s turnover could be around 70 million FCFA (US Dollars 119946,89). Let’s notice in addition, according to a publication dated December 6, 2021, the Cameroonian technology company would have collected exactly 30,123,965.40 FCFA (about $51618) from its investors. At the end of 2021, the contributors should be able to enter in right of their investments.

It is worth noting that the world of drones is booming today. According to the bcc research blog, the drone market is expected to experience excellent growth. From $30 billion in 2020, it is expected to grow to $54.6 billion by 2025. A growth of 12.7% expected every year.

In Rwanda and Ghana, for example, they are used to deliver vaccines or medicines to hard-to-reach areas. Around the world, drones are used to perform all kinds of military operations, from targeted attacks to data collection. The agricultural industry, too, benefits greatly from the prowess of drone technology. Land can be gridded and mapped very quickly with the help of drones. Then comes watering or fertilizer spraying.

Already, Tagus drone is on the right track to become the market leader in drone manufacturing. We can only wish it success in the competitive environment in which it operates.

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