05 Reasons Why We Don’t Venture In Entrepreneurship

David Kipre


Starting your own business is a bold and arduous journey. We face challenges and circumstances where our emotions and beliefs push us to let go, which is more common in most cases. But we notice that on the other hand some entrepreneurs are very successful in carving out their own identity. So the question would be, first of all, to know the issues and challenges that startupers face before implementing their business and find the ultimate way to solve them.

The Impulsive nature of a beginner

Now you’ve found it, you’ve found the ultimate and innovative idea, it’s completely new and groundbreaking. It’s obvious, it can change your life.

You are over excited and at the same time nervous. This is quite normal, all entrepreneurs feel this emotional confusion. It comes from the fact that this discovery, however sparkling it may be, could be missed, due to no initiative on your part, and be worked on by someone else. And for you the solution that could solve this, is to launch yourself in a hasty manner. A thoughtless act that will dive you beneath a debt heap and disorganize the entrepreneurial process, which in the end will put you in a situation of uncertainty and will make you drop your project along the way.

Solution: simply tell yourself that the idea is not the success. Take your time (not too much) to develop and execute the ideal business model that will perfectly match your idea. That’s all. Everything you do will be a win-win situation.

The rivalry

That’s it! Now you are at your best. Instead of rushing into the fray, you decided to sit down and think about your business plan. And then, Bim! in your research, you discover that your project is being carried out by someone else. The sadness and pain that your initially very unique idea has already been implemented is disheartening. It is a common occurrence.

Solution: in itself, this is a good thing. Someone else has launched a project and is incubating it in front of you. What could be better! You will see how he nurtured this idea from the seed stage to its maturity, you will learn from his mistakes, his failures and above all you will know that your idea is definitely workable.

Staying away from too extreme a financial commitment

It is definitely self-gratifying, much more satisfying and above all safe to be able to launch your business without external funding. This can be relevant if it only depends on lambdas or personal expenses. This does not apply at all to the budget that is imbedded in the life of a business, it is extremely important to have the maximum cash flow for the business to be viable even if it has to rely on loans.

Solution: set aside your pride, your fear of risk. Be humble and bold. It is a must, to avoid any slippage ask yourself and make thorough financial calculations.

The personal needs of an entrepreneur

We all sometimes neglect ourselves and put forth our goals. It is especially recurrent in the case of the entrepreneur who no longer allows himself time for his social life, and sometimes neglects his health.

Solution: the viable condition of any company depends on the health  state of its entrepreneur. If the entrepreneur is sick, the company is sick. Similarly, if the entrepreneur is in good shape, his or her business will be more successful. Give yourself time and space. Without you the company is not.

The misunderstood entrepreneur

You are launched. But your entourage is still doubting and even disapproving your project, its viability and the steps you have already undertaken. And all this makes you feel left out. This is normal, don’t worry.

Solution: don’t wait for the affirmation of your entourage even though it is gratifying. You must have faith in your project, it is this mindset that will push others to adhere to your goals. However, it is important to understand that the entrepreneur is embarking on an adventure that few people know about.

We have just explored 5 strong reasons with a wide range of emotions that could lead any entrepreneur wanting to break away from their goals. To be honest, there is no evidence that your idea will be successful the first time you try it. But keep this in mind “you often have to fail to win”.

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