3 Super Tips for Managing My Mail in Gmail

David Kipre


For most of you, the year 1965 is just one of many. Some of you, however, will know that it is the date of the very first e-mails at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Years later, computer scientists revolutionized the world by creating Google, then Gmail which is a subsidiary of this behemoth. Gmail being used by billions of people on earth, its study for a much more advanced use is de rigueur. In this article, based on our own research and experience, we propose you to discover the 3 tips that will allow you to have a good follow-up of your mails in your Gmail.

I- Mail tracking

You all have an instant messaging application on your Smartphone or PC, so you know the system of checkmarks or notification. For example if you send a message, it will just mark one check mark, the two check marks will appear when the person you send the message to opens it to read it, simple isn’t it?

Well it will be the same for your Gmail thanks to the mail tracking. It’s not easy to do it if you don’t have the right information, so follow the instructions to the letter to know if your mail has been read or not.

Here are the steps to simplify the operation:

1- Click on the link that is right here

2- Install by clicking on the “Install” button that will appear via the link

3- Click on the Add to Chrome

4- Once installed, connect your email account, then follow the instructions

It’s quite simple, what you are downloading is an extension, for a better result use Google Chrome, it will be quite fast. Otherwise, if you use another browser, it’s not a big deal either, just follow the instructions. If you have any problem, please leave a comment so that I can answer it quickly.

NB: It is important to know that the appearance of the notification ticks is not the only benefit that you will get from tracking emails.

At the end, you will generally have a result like the one below.

(image 1 ici)

 Before sending a mail, click on the green eye and check all the boxes and now you can send your message and see if the message has been read or not.

II- Unroll or unsubscribe

This one, I think you will particularly like. We all have advertisements or other elements that we don’t want to see or receive in our emails because they are too cumbersome. It will now be easy for you to unsubscribe in one click without any hassle.

To do so, follow the instructions to the letter:

1- Click on the link that is right here

2- Register, then put your emails.

For the latter, you will not need many steps. Then, once your mailbox is open, you will be able to see in a simplified way all the accounts to which you are subscribed and so you will be able to unsubscribe without any worries.

NB: Like the message tracking, unsubscribing is not the only advantage you can get from this. You can easily see it on the picture below

(image 2 ici)

III- Streak

If in the work you do, you have to do customer management then this document is made for you. Indeed it will allow you to arrange as you wish to find the document more relevant thereafter without headache.

Please prefer Google Chrome because it will be much easier to install.  Here are the steps to get there:

1- Click on the link here

2- Proceed to the download.

3- Proceed to the verification step.

4- Connect your mail

Streak will be linked to your emails, your calendar and your contacts for a better use. Once installed, you will see an icon like this one on the top right or in a corner of your mailbox that will allow you to manage a lot of things.

(image 3)

Now let’s talk about the advantages that you will have via this extension:

-The ability to delay your messages. Schedule the time at which you want to send your messages, once done you will always have the possibility to modify them in drafts until the scheduled time of sending.

– Make a mailing. In short you will be able to create a batch of personalized letters where each letter is identical in layout, formatting, text and graphics, except for the personalized parts such as the greeting.

Send CSV files

Use the CRM functions to organize your emails in detail according to different categories.

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