5 New AI Features You Can Try Out In Google Maps This Week

As a navigation-challenged adventurer, I used to dread every trip. But then, Google Maps dropped these 5 game-changing AI features, and everything changed! Prepare to be amazed (and never get lost again)!


Hello, Internet. I hope you're doing well. Today, we will discuss tech, maps, Google, and AI. Yes, I know, it's a lot. Technology is advancing rapidly to the point that Google Maps is now in 3D, and when I say 3D, I mean an immersive view. It's mind-blowing, and in addition to that, Google has developed other tools through its AI. I'm excited about trying them all, but I had to tell you about them before that. So, let's discover five new tools from Google Maps together.

Lens and Maps

This innovative feature transforms your camera view on Google Maps by integrating AI and augmented reality. Point your phone at a restaurant, and you'll see details such as its name, rating, menu, and availability. It even allows you to make reservations or order food directly. Lens and Maps also work well with landmarks, providing information on history and trivia.


     - Transformation of camera view with AI and augmented reality.

     - Display details by pointing the phone at a location.

     - Ability to make reservations or order food directly.

     - Useful for exploring new cities, finding specific places, and translating signs, menus, and labels in real-time when traveling abroad.


Immersive View

The Immersive View feature goes beyond a simple functionality; it completely transforms your navigation experience. Imagine navigating cities with augmented reality. While essential, Google Maps features provide a 2D image, and this feature transports you to the location with astonishing details.


       - Transformation of the navigation experience with augmented reality.

       - Detailed 3D view of locations, including streets, supermarkets, roads, cafes, restaurants, and real-time weather representation.

       - Utilizes Neural Radiance Fields technology and Google's extensive photo database to transform photos into 3D elements.

        - Available for cities like London, New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


Enhanced Navigation

This Google Maps improvement uses AI to provide more precise and useful driving, biking, and walking directions. Key features include lane guidance to help you stay in the correct lane, real-time traffic information to avoid delays, and live view using augmented reality to overlay directions and data on your camera view.


        - AI-driven improvements for driving, biking, and walking directions.

        - Lane guidance to avoid missing turns or exits.

        - Real-time traffic information to prevent delays.

        - Live view with augmented reality for more intuitive navigation.


EV Charging Station Information

As electric vehicles gain popularity, the demand for accessible charging stations increases. Google Maps now provides detailed information on EV charging stations, including the number of ports, types, availability, speed, and pricing. It also offers insights into nearby amenities by aggregating data from various sources and predicting the availability and demand for charging ports.


         - Detailed information on electric vehicle charging stations.

         - Number of ports, types, availability, speed, and pricing.

         - Insights into nearby amenities based on data aggregation and predictions.

Personalized AI-Powered Search

This AI-powered search feature surpasses basic functionality by offering tailored suggestions based on individual preferences and context. It analyzes location, search history, ratings, and likes, even sifting through reviews and photos from other users to provide revealing and valuable information, including opening hours, ratings, prices, and menus.


         - Tailored suggestions based on individual preferences and context.

         - Analysis of location, search history, ratings, and likes.

        - Comprehensive information, including opening hours, ratings, prices, and menus.

Google Maps' latest AI-powered features, seamlessly blending augmented reality and intelligent algorithms, promise to revolutionize how users navigate and access information. From immersive views to personalized searches, these advancements enhance the mapping experience, offering a glimpse into the future of digital exploration.