Beyond Baby Bottles: 8 Unexpected Uses for Breast Milk

Breast milk - a natural wonder with magic beyond the nursery! While it's known for nourishing newborns, this


Breast milk is not only a source of essential nutrients for infants but also possesses astonishing properties that are often overlooked. Drawing on the insightful tips from my mother and her experiences with my siblings, I share with you eight miraculous uses of breast milk that go beyond its primary function.

1. Conjunctivitis Treatment

Breast milk can be an effective solution for treating conjunctivitis in children or adults. Soak a clean cotton ball in breast milk and apply it to the eye for a few days. Witness the magic unfold.

2. Eczema Treatment

Breast milk can also be used to treat eczema. Dampen a clean compress or cloth with breast milk and apply it to the face or body of the child. You can also add a small amount of breast milk to your child's bathwater.

3. Cold Relief

To alleviate a cold, perform nasal irrigation with saline solution, then use a small syringe to administer a few drops of breast milk into your child's nostril. A practical method for relieving symptoms.

4. Infant Acne Treatment

Apply the same principle as treating eczema. Saturate a compress with breast milk and apply it to the face or body of the child. A bath with breast milk can also be beneficial.

5. Healing Nipple Cracks

A drop of breast milk spread over nipple cracks can expedite healing. The healing properties of breast milk serve as a natural and effective remedy.

6. Teething Relief

Thanks to my mother's initiation into breast milk treatments, I explain. A while after the birth of our eldest, his natural teething process began, and he incessantly cried. Through the advice of my mother, who had come to visit, she shared this tip and others mentioned above, which she continues to use.

A small piece of clean cotton cloth soaked in breast milk, tied into a knot, and frozen for 1 to 2 hours can be given to your child to suck on, providing relief from teething pains—a simple and soothing trick.

7. Diaper Rash Treatment

To soothe diaper rash, soak a compress in breast milk and apply it to the affected area or add breast milk to your child's bathwater.

8. Umbilical Cord Care

Surprisingly, breast milk can disinfect the umbilical cord, replacing some traditional treatments. The antimicrobial properties of breast milk contribute to faster healing.

Breast milk, far beyond simple nourishment, proves to be a multifunctional resource with astonishing benefits.