5 Simple Steps to Manage Your Parenting Stress

Parenting often feels like juggling flaming bowling pins while running through quicksand, but you’re not alone! Almost every parent experiences stress related to parenting at …

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activated charcoal

Top 5 tips for using activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is a natural compound that has been used for a long time to fight against digestive disorders, poisoning, or to purify the skin. The …

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EASY MAKEUP TUTOS: 5 Essential Products For Your Makeup Bag

You don’t necessarily need to be a makeup pro before you can make yourself beautiful and presentable for your parties. However, there are a few …

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Fuel Saving Tips

6 Super Fuel Saving Tips

With the crisis in Ukraine, the increase in fuel prices becomes harmful for everyone, and it is necessary to find an effective way to save …

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Food Shortages

05 Countries Suffering From Food Shortages

The world is facing a devastating food crisis. Mali, South Sudan, Zambia, and Lebanon are experiencing conflict, climate shocks, and the covid-19 pandemic has resulted in …

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Odd Dishes

The 05 Most Odd Dishes Ever Made In The World

Have you ever tasted crocodile meat or viper meat or even eaten insects? I bet you haven’t. That’ s what I’m going to share with …

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Saka Saka Pondu

The Saka Saka, the great Congolese recipe!

The Saka Saka is a dish from Africa. It is also found in the Comoros, it is made with crushed and boiled manioc. Here in …

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Prostitution – Important Information To Have

I. The roots Prostitution is the act of engaging in a sexual practice or activity in exchange for payment. It is sometimes euphemistically referred to …

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Eating Insects

Eating Insects Is The New Food Trend

Eating insects is becoming a more popular trend in the world of food habits. The consumption of insects is not new and has been seen …

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04 Importants Things To Know About Siamese Twins

Uncommon and of undetermined cause. The “Siamese twins”, by the way it is a pleonasm since the Siamese twins are necessarily twins, are submitted to many …

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